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How I spent my summer vacation

"Vacation" might be a misnomer--farmers and small business owners struggle to find true down time, but July and August are definitely slower months for us. We try to plan travel or other projects for this time. The other months are so busy, things like organizing and planning can get pushed aside for more immediate needs like harvesting and designing.

So what have I done? Here's my top 5 list from the summer:

1. Napped

I have a love/hate relationship with naps. I've always though of them as a luxurious time-waster, but I'm trying to reframe that. Most days, I power through from morning to night with hardly a pause, but in listening to my body the last several weeks, it clearly needed a bit more love. So I've napped through thunderstorms (THE. BEST. NAPS. EVER.), took a quick snooze after lunch, and generally just given myself some grace. I don't know why I needed the uncharacteristic extra sleep, but I feel better for it. Also, Ollie and the two cats LOVE to nap with me, so it's hard to say no to them.

2. Organized

Black crate filled to the top with flower seed packets
A portion of my seed collection. Yikes!

I operate in either an organized dream or a scattered, whirlwind mess. There is no middle ground. Slower times calls for long-delayed organization projects, and there was nothing more in need than our seed collection. What did I learn? I have a seed-buying problem. But now they're all sorted, and I know exactly what needs to be ordered and what I apparently compulsively order every time I have seeds shipped in. (No more zinnias for me!)

3. Traveled!

Six-year-old boy watching a grazing horse out the window of a tour vehicle
Visiting the wild horses in the Outer Banks

My parents blessed our whole family with a trip to the Outer Banks, so we got together for swimming, game playing, laughing (Tortilla Slap Game, anyone?), and touristing. My son, Charlie, had so much fun, he cried when we were dropped back off at the airport. Gah.

4. Merchandised the shop. (Several times.)

A display case with stickers of southern sayings. "Bless your heart" "Y'all ain't right" "Y'all be nice"
What's your favorite southern-ism? These cute stickers will communicate a message only a southerner can properly deliver.

Every new shipment means we have to find a place for it, and the shop is filling up with beautiful plants, cocktail mixes (yes, please!), the most adorable stuffed plushies for your babies, and more. It's like Christmas every day! Except it looks much more like autumn at the moment. Bring on the apple butter and pumpkins!

Personal introspection

Who am I kidding--I do this CONSTANTLY. But this summer, I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want. What I REALLY want. And how to make that happen. My last several years have been focused on mental and emotional healing, and my sense is that this time of my life is about something more than that. About moving past trauma and growing my life into something beyond my wildest dreams. I am SO here for that.

That sums up my summer nicely. School starts back next week for Charlie, and my fingers are crossed for a successful first grade year. We'll be making little flower gifts at the shop on Tuesday, August 16, so stop by between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. for that drop-in workshop. Goodness knows, teachers need all the love

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