Laura Mewbourn, Owner

I grew up surrounded by gardens and flowers and had my first garden plot when I was still very little. Just a couple generations ago, farming was a way of life for my family, but when it was time to decide on my college major, I landed on English Literature and Language. Life had other ideas for me, though. In 2015, I completed the Growing New Farmers program through Lowcountry Local First. I apprenticed on a vegetable farm and landed a full-time job at a hydroponic farm. I absolutely loved it and knew I really wanted to start my own farm. In the meantime, I pruned tomatoes, welcomed a new baby into my family, and took coursework in floral design.

In 2017, I was fortunate enough to purchase a home on acreage just outside of Charleston, SC, and before I knew it, my dreams of flower farming and growing vegetables were off and running.

We are so thrilled to be able to provide locally grown flowers and produce to friends, family, and the Charleston community. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Sarah Robinson,
Agricultural Manager

It seems I’m going to be farming all my life - my parents bought the small farm that I grew up on in Fort Mill, South Carolina when I was just four years old. At nine, I started helping out doing small tasks - planting lettuce seeds, watering tomato plants, and harvesting cucumbers. By high school, I was making deliveries to local restaurants and driving to the farmers market in Charlotte every Saturday morning to sell our selection of lettuce, microgreens, and seasonal vegetables. My favorite part about the market was knowing that I would be able to visit with customers and other farmers who had become dear friends of ours.

When I left for college to pursue a degree in art management at Appalachian State University, I still made sure to visit the market each summer to catch up with customers who had known me since I was a toddler. Sophomore year, I told my mom I wanted “to quit and become a florist.” She said I could get a degree in management and become a florist, so I soldiered on and developed my interest in floral design while keeping up with my studies in art.

After graduation, I worked for two years in campus outreach at Louisiana State University. During my time there, I grew to love the oak trees and salty breeze that comes with coastal living, but I felt a tug back toward South Carolina and missed my days working creatively with nature. Charleston is now my new home and flower farming is my new job. With a childhood steeped in agriculture, an appreciation for local community involvement, and a passion for floral and event design, I knew nailing down a future career that would combine these things meant going back to my roots and doing something a little out of the ordinary - I just didn’t think it would be so soon!

I am excited to call upon my experience in farming and my education in art and design as I work to help Laura provide our clients with high quality, sustainably-grown local flowers and floral arrangements.