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Located on one of the most prominent streets in the historic district, this gate is the entry to a home just south of rainbow row. The symmetrical arches and detailed curves create a balanced design. Constructed of three layers this design highlights the details of the gate within an 8x10 black aluminum frame with clear glass.

Iron Gate | East Bay

  • Joel is a licensed architect practicing in Charleston, SC, and the Owner of Score and Burn. His love of building and landscape was nurtured in the mountains of western North Carolina, where early in life, he grew up with vernacular buildings shaped by landscape, natural systems, and the activities they contain. He came to Charleston by way of Clemson and UVA, and in the historic architecture of Charleston, I have continued my study of site specific purpose built architecture. Score and Burn seeks to bring an interest in digital fabrication to create designs which explore the built and natural environments of our historic and beautiful city.

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