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From our home to yours...

We are proud to grow sustainably using organic methods.  That means no chemicals in your food or flowers, and a shorter time from harvest to your table.  Product availability varies from season to season and year to year.  

Laura's family has been entrenched in agriculture and gardening for generations, and she is SO proud to be carrying on that tradition in the Lowcountry.






What dreams are made of...

As a little girl growing up in South Carolina, I was surrounded to my father's and grandparents' gardens.  Being surrounded by flowers that were meant to remain outside untouched was frustrating, when what I really wanted to do was scoop them up and tuck them into a vase so I could admire them all day long.  Drawing from my experience as a farmer, designer, and lover of flowers, my designs tend towards that childhood dream of gathering up what's seasonal and beautiful to create airy, romantic arrangements.  I source from my own farm, as well as farms across the country.  My philosophy is the closer, the better, so I take care to select blooms as near to home as possible.





The closer,
the better.

We are proud to bring you locally-grown flowers and vegetables raised using organic methods.  We firmly believe that local flowers and produce are healthier for you and the environment.  Produce tastes better, flowers look more beautiful, and both last longer when they aren't shipped to you via highways and planes.  All produce we sell will be grown solely by us.  All flowers grown on our farm will be clearly marked as such.  Flowers that cannot be grown on our farm will be sourced as locally as we can find them, and we will always prefer to buy from fellow US flower farmers before sourcing from imports.  

We welcome everyone.

We are excited to work with a diverse array of clients and customers.  Whether this is your first marriage or fourth, whether you are from Charleston or abroad, whether you're LGB, straight, or trans, regardless of race, religion, gender, or any identity, you deserve beautiful flowers that will represent you and your special event.  This may sound like an unusual statement coming from a farm and floral design studio, but it is important to know how much we value you for YOU--not for the money we may earn but for the beauty your differences add to this earth.  Obviously, there are plenty of farmers and florists who feel the same way, but we felt so strongly about this point that we felt the need to be clear and upfront on the matter.  You are safe and welcomed here at feast + flora.  We look forward to the day when we take for granted that all people feel the same.