Come grow with us...

Support for locally-grown flowers in Charleston is strong and business is booming.  We are currently hiring full-time permanent and part-time seasonal workers.  We know a good employee when we've found one, so we'll do everything possible to keep them.  Join us as we provide flowers to florists, businesses, and the Charleston community!

Available positions

Agricultural Manager
The agricultural manager will oversee all aspects of food and flower production at Feast & Flora Farm. Actual job duties will be assigned based on employee’s qualifications and strengths. With the assistance of Laura, the ag manager may be responsible for the following:

• Lead the daily operations of the farm.
• Develop or maintain processes and a regular weekly/monthly schedule for the farm. Seeding, planting, fertilizing, and treating for pests and fungus should be done on a regular (or as needed) basis.**
• Conduct a weekly field walk to watch for trouble spots and to assess stem count availability.
• Harvest from sales lists and bouquet recipes.
• Maintain deadheading, pinching, trellising, seeding/transplanting, irrigation, and labeling.
• Develop methods for tracking regularly scheduled and unscheduled farm tasks.**
• Develop vegetable crops on the farm to supplement our personal food supply, eventually increasing to either donate excess food or offer food CSA subscriptions.
• Conduct soil tests yearly, or as needed.
• Manage social media. Create a calendar of posts, at least 3-5 per week.**
• Follow farming, flower, and wedding trends, utilizing the ASCFG Cut Quarterly, FB groups, or any other method you choose.**
• Learn about flowers, varieties, and postharvest care so you can educate our clients.**
• Host occasional pop-ups, particularly near Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the winter holidays.
• Plan and host workshops, on-farm and/or off. Laura will do most of the legwork, but an extra set of hands during the workshop will be helpful.

Full-time Permanent/Part-time Seasonal Positions

  • Job duties can include weeding, bed prep, planting, harvesting, and market bouquet construction.

  • Hours may vary depending on your needs or the farm's. You must adhere to a regular schedule, but we are very flexible.

You do NOT need farming experience, but you MUST:

  • Be a hard worker with a strong work ethic.

  • Be able to work early in the morning for summer harvesting.

  • Follow instructions well.

  • Be patient with tedious tasks.

  • Work efficiently and effectively to complete assigned projects.

  • Understand that this is manual labor and can be difficult in certain weather conditions (think about working outside in the summer in the Lowcountry or preparing fields for approaching winter storms).

It would be HELPFUL (and you will be more likely to be hired for a full-time permanent position) if you fit the following:

  • You have some background in horticulture, landscaping, etc., particularly if you can differentiate between desired plants and weeds.

  • You can work independently.

  • You know how to operate basic landscaping equipment (tiller, string trimmer, etc.) and gardening tools.

  • You can lift 50 pounds.

  • Willing to learn new tasks and adaptable to change
    (NOTE: None of these things are deal-breakers. If you work here for any length of time, you will eventually develop these things, and I am more than willing to train the right person.)


Pay for all positions is commensurate based on experience. We are committed to paying our employees a living wage when at all possible. Raises are awarded when warranted, not on a set schedule.  We like to reward experience, efficiency, and performance.

• Paid Holidays (New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day) (Full-time positions only)
• 40 hours of paid annual leave, which may be taken consecutively during the winter (Full-time positions only)
• Opportunities to work from home, denoted here with ** (Full-time positions only)
• Food share
• Professional development opportunities
• Bonuses and profit sharing

Finally--there is no one "type" of person who is the right fit for us.  We celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment for everyone.

If you have an interest in growing vegetables and flowers and think you'd be a good fit for Feast & Flora, send an email with a resume or letter of qualifications and interest to  You can call with further questions, but emails are preferred.