diy bucket subscriptions

$75 farmers choice or
$85 your choice of color palette

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Itching to try your hand at floral design? These DIY buckets are the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscle while supporting family farms. Our DIY buckets are available as either as an individual order or as part of a subscription.

We offer a 10% discount on subscriptions 6 months and longer. A commitment like this from you allows us to do more long-term planning and better prepare our farm for the future.

Going on vacation during one of your regular delivery days? No problem! We’ll be happy to reschedule your delivery for a day when you’re home. You can also gift that delivery to someone else!

DIY buckets are packed full of a mix of what’s looking great at the farm and are $75. You may request a specific color palette for $85 per bucket. Free pickup at the farm is available. Delivery to the address of your choice is $5-10, depending on your proximity from the farm. You MUST have someone on hand to receive your delivery.

To start your deliveries, just fill out the form below. A custom invoice will be sent, and payment may be submitted securely online.

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Applicable only to $85 buckets
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If this is a one-time delivery, what date do you need your bucket?